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Filipino Kali- Korean Hwarang 
Kyusho Pressure Points - Close Quarters - Fitness

SUMMER SPECIAL​​ $30.00 a Week
for 6 Weeks!
*paid in full
(up to18 Classes) 
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Incorporating pressure point strikes, joint locks, kicks, 
throws, and sweeps as well as other "tools" of personal 
protection, you will have the confidence to face almost 
any situation. 


We teach concepts, rules, principles, ideas.
We have action-reaction drills for understanding how to apply them. 
Our students are not clones, they will react differently to the same attack. 
When you can take what we teach and make it your own you then become

an Artist, just like a painter, sculptor, musician or dancer does.
We make you an Artist in the Martial sense.
Within the system of T.A.C.T.I.C.S. we have our main classes and specialized 
Workshops. Each are a distinct field of training 
complete in and of themselves yet by necessity each 
complimements the others therby offering a full Martial Arts Experience!


  1. Kali Teens
    Kali Teens
  2. KMA Kids
    KMA Kids
  3. CQT
  4. Kali Teens
    Kali Teens
  5. HIIT
  6. Kickboxing
  7. Stick
  8. Stick Fighting Tournament
    Stick Fighting Tournament
  9. Locks
  10. Combative Stick
    Combative Stick
  11. Knife Defense
    Knife Defense
  12. Combat Eskrima
    Combat Eskrima
  13. Combative Blade
    Combative Blade
  14. Kali Kids Belt Promotion
    Kali Kids Belt Promotion
  15. KMA Kids Belt Promotion
    KMA Kids Belt Promotion



Mixed Martial Arts Program

Try it for $35!
4 Classes of your choice
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Combative Throws, FMA H2H. Combative Locks, HIIT
Ages 16 to Adult

Our MMA Program consists of several different classes to give you a complete training experience!

Kickboxing gives you stand-up skills with explosive combinations.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gives you the ultimate ground work.

Combative Throws gives you an extra edge in taking an opponent / attacker off their feet.

H2H gives you hand quickness.

Combative Locks gives you the flow from one lock to another.

HIIT developes stamina, endorance and your core plus many other benefits.

Kyusho gives you the edge that no other has.




3 Class Trial for KMA or FMA $25.00

Beginner Classes Now Forming  
Kids ages 8-12
Teens ages 13-17
Adults 18-?
KMA (Korean Martial Arts) Program
FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) Program
Self Defense Program
KickBoxing Program
Mixed Martial Arts Program
Specialty Classes
*Adults can take KMA, FMA, Self Defense, Kickboxing, BJJ, MMA*
*Teens can take KMA, FMA, BJJ, Kickboxing*
​*Kids can take KMA, FMA*
Class sizes will be limited so reserve your spot!
(No Testing Fees)
Discounts for Family Members
     Mom, Dad, Children (same household)
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*  Kyusho  *
Meets weekly for specific Levels
 (requires yearly membership to Kyusho International Association)   





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Interested in Private Sessions?
Take the first 2 sessions for just $125
* Split it with a friend!

Combat Eskrima, CQT, KMA, Combative Knife, H2H, HIIT
Congratulations to our student Steve Petronio for placing in his first time returning to the Stick Fighting circuit!
                                                                                                             He did a great job!
  1. IMAGE
  2. IMAGE
  3. IMAGE
  4. IMAGE
  5. IMAGE
  6. Title 9
  7. Title 10
  8. Title 11
  9. Title 12
  10. Title 13
  11. Title 14
  12. Title 15
  13. Title 16
  14. Title 17
  15. Title 18
  16. Title 19
  17. Title 20
  18. Title 21
  19. Title 22
  20. Kyusho Evan Pantazi
  21. Title 24
  22. BJJ
  23. Title 26